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Random music video

Netflix Company Culture

Google now tracking location

Just saw that google is now tracking location from you laptop.  Pretty slick and opens a great deal of functionality up.

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Aydin Senkut – Advice on Pitching Angels

Aydin was one of our mentors in YC and provided a great deal of insight into what angels look for.  Here is a solid presentation he gave recently.

YC Over – Back to Society

I’ve been off the grid for 4 months, away from blogging, using twitter, facebook updates, and I even stopped foursquare.  But YCombinator ended last week, we closed our seed round, and I “should” have more time now.  Be writing soon.

Upcoming incubator deadlines


UI/UX thought

If the color of a button makes a significant impact on your business, are you solving real pain?

If users jump through hoops to convert and pay you, then you know you solving a real pain point. Maybe it’s good to put up a bunch of tests with suboptimal conversion funnels to see what users will go through to get your product?

User Centered Design for Projects

A random cool video

Definitely makes me miss Asia.

a journey through asia from ivan vania on Vimeo.

Social Media Won’t Save You

Solid presentation by Tara Hunt:

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